Heat Proof Synthetic Fiber Belt (for Aluminium Extrusion Line)
In line with advances in aluminium extrusion technology, high quality insulation materials are required in the high temperature sections, lower temperature sections and transfer lines of aluminium extrusion processes. Many aluminium extrusion manufacturers adopted Kuraray Character for its high quality.
(1) Good heat resistance 400 Celcius up to 500 Celcius
(2) Good cushioning performance and appropriate flexibility to maintain intergrity,
Do not cause damage to it or blur on the surface of extruded aluminium products
(3) Good abrasion resistance
(4) Ideal porosity does not cause high temperature difference between pad contacting & non-contacting surfaces
(5) Good recovery from compression
(7) Light weight and adequate coefficient of friction
(1) Insulation pads, belt for transfer lines handling extruded aluminium products
(2) Conveying material for conveyor rolls
(3) Insulation pads for conveyor lines and shock-absorbers
Standard Specifications:
1) PAD
Thickness: 5 ~ 10 mm
Material: Aramid Fiber (Para)
Aramid Fiber (Meta)

Thickness: 6 ~ 10 mm
Material: Aramid Fiber (Para)
Carbonized Fiber
Polyester Fiber

Thickness: 8 ~ 11 mm
Material: Aramid Fiber (Para)
Aramid Fiber (Meta)
Carbonized Fiber

For the above, all the products come in different combination of materials and thickness.
(for Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Winding)
Functions & Characteristics:
(1) Helps winding steel strip tight and without damages
(2) Protects steel coil from dusts
(3) Has excellent resistance to oil
(4) Has high elastic recovery
(5) Has excellent resistance to shock
(7) Readily splicable into endless form
Available Thickness:
2mm ~ 10mm
Functions & Characteristics:
(1) Protects the steel coil from reel marks and strip end marks
(2) Protects the reel from being scratched by strip end
(3) Has an appropriate hardness and toughness.
(4) Has high elastic recovery
(5) Has excellent resistance to oil
(6) Is light and easy to mount and demount
Available Thickness:
2.0mm ~ 5.8mm