AmeriVacS is a leader in vacuum packaging solutions. With several products available to meet your production line needs backed up by more than 15 years experience in the packaging field.

The AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers are Clean Room Compatible and work with all popular moisture barrier bag materials. Each unit includes spare parts and all necessary hardware to start your production immediately.

All AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers are designed with a low noise, non particle-generating compressed air driven Ejector (Vacuum) Pump that is maintenance free.
This means that the AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers are quiet, clean and reliable.



A fast, quiet, reliable vacuum sealer that delivers consistent vacuum packaging at the touch of a button.   A cost-effective, fast and compact vacuum sealer that in less than two cubic feet of space outperforms other sealers in its class!


AVP Foot Pedal Operated Pneumatic Impulse Sealer   A new, basic, bare bones, gutsy vacuum
sealer that will make the job quick and easy.